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Q: Does ASP1-A3 support yEnc decoding?

Yes! Support for yEnc was added in v2.0.

Q: I'm on AOL (America On Line) and I can't connect to my news server...?

AOL does not have a regular news server. The one they have will only work with the news reader they give you.

You need to switch to another ISP, or subscribe to an external news server, see NNTP services listing

Q: Does ASP1-A3 Support the NNTP Authinfo protocol for a news server that requires username/password?

Yes! Support for AUTHINFO was added in v1.0.127.

Q: Do you have plans for a MAC or Windows 3.1 version?

Not at this time.

Q: What are these '(filename).UUE' files that ASP1-A3 saved in the 'bad decodes' folder under my download folder?

They are raw UUencoded files still in need of UUdecoding. ASP1-A3 has saved them because it was unable to decode the file properly, or it decoded it and then it failed one of the more crucial WJT (built-in jpeg tester) tests. You can try to decode them if you want with an external decoder. Winzip works nicely, and can handle your zip compression needs as well. You can disable the saving of bad decodes by turning off 'save bad decodes' in the options menu on the download tab.

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