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Welcome to the ASP1-A3 beta test area.

Congratulations, you are now a beta tester. Be careful, you might see a bug or two in the area. Please report them so they can be fixed, your help is greatly appreciated in helping to spot these bugs and tuning asp1-a3 for the next release!

To start testing, please make SURE you have the current release version installed and running properly.

Then, download the new exe below and put in place of the current asp1-a3.exe (back it up first!)

release is current

Changes since current release: beta -- do not distribute or link to this file

And most important: Email your beta comments/bug reports to me at: Please make it clear which version you are reporting bugs in, and try to give me as much information as possible so that I can reproduce them. If you run the beta, I would really appreciate hearing from you even if it runs great, just so I can be assured what I am writing is working out there... :)

Many thanks to all users who have helped!

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