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CSV files contain information (filename,size,crc32,description) about sets of images.
Using these files, asp1-a3 can check images it downloads to be sure they have not been altered (and other neat tricks).

CSV Resources:

CSV Distribution Mailing List
This is a very good source for MTCM-CSV files
direct from the scanners that are fully compatible
with asp1-a3. click here and mail it

CSV Web Sites
boomer (finished series)
boomer (ongoing series)

CAUTION: Some CSV files have been reported not
having '.jpg' in the CSV (these files will not work with asp1-a3).
However, a kind user has contributed a batch file which will fix these files.
Click here to download it. Special thanks to Lurker Seven for this fix.

Be sure to grab a copy of CSVClean!

Note: ASP1-A3 supports only MTCM style CSV files.