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Revision History (in reverse chronological order)

08/12/02 - Version 2.0

added yEnc support

5/22/99 - Version 1.0.363

fixed error with subject/uucode filename mismatches
disabled 'polite' reconnects, this will be made an option if it doesn't mess up
added responsible blacklist item to reason for failure when in show all articles mode
added 'force to download que' to pop up pending list for ignored items in show all articles mode
added xover support (improves scan speed)
fix for a 'error 5' found during scans in 355.
number of lines estimation for servers that don't provide this in xover data
All new industrial-strength decoder!
fix for 'error 6' on some servers

05/07/98 - Version 1.0.342

added option to enable/disable jpeg tester
support for the PNG format
filename subject/uucode cross-checking features

03/13/98 - Version 1.0.330

fixed scan problem on groups containing a negative number of new articles

03/11/98 - Version 1.0.328

added log to file option
added enable (disable) log option
fixed several scan-related problems
added host newsgroups retrieval/query tool
added ability to abort loading CSV files if you press escape
fixed problem with pending download save/load
fixed problem with filename parsing

02/19/98 - Version 1.0.308

improved decoder
added support for CSV files and several CSV-related options
added max articles per group per scan option
fixed error in pending download # display

02/09/98 - Version 1.0.266

added ability to remember windowstate
added 'move to top' to right button menu
fixed bug when last article in que is not found
changed to not add folder to dupe check when save
fixed no-save bug when you delete all dupe paths
updated runtimes (VS97-SP3) courtesy microsoft corp.

01/21/98 - Version 1.0.250

two group limit removed (ads are now sole registration motivator)
improved header checking
fixed invalid 'no 1/1' rejections
added ability to remember/restore previous window size
added ability to remember/restore previous column sizes
minimum timeout restart lowered to 15 seconds
maximum files allowed before autodownload increased to 1000
added autodownload on/off toggle
added right button popup menu for pending downloads
added 'remove and add to noredl.txt' [on new popup menu]
added 'remove' [on new popup menu]
added 'blacklist email, posting host, and org [on new popup menu]

01/16/98 - Version 1.0.227

max_lines increased to 20000
improved redraw for ads

01/14/98 - Version 1.0.217

corrected tooltip text for on/off toggle for newsgroups
removed initial 'buy me' screen for trial version
added inline advertisements for trial version

01/09/98 - Version 1.0.211

added on/off toggle for newsgroups
fixed problem related to saving/loading of unfinished pending dls in some rare cases
turned multi-selection in groups window back on

12/17/97 - Version 1.0.206

added replace in pending list if current download if aborted, error, or exit
added emergency restart download without rescan when download aborted
fixed incorect headers per second display
other small improvements

12/01/97 - Version 1.0.195

added buttons to move newsgroups up/down
improved auto-restart feature
improved file saving methods
added restart on timeout

11/09/97 - Version 1.0.188

added automatic emergency re-start option
added GIF support option
added shortcut (delete key) to remove pending downloads

11/06/97 - Version 1.0.177

added automatic save/reload of undownloaded pending downloads

11/04/97 - Version 1.0.160

added support for SLAVE status
added 'spam scan' -- a feature to see only killed articles
fix for incorrect end of scan total

11/03/97 - Version 1.0.157

fix for bug with 'show all articles' option

11/03/97 - Version 1.0.154

added feature to find and select articles in pending downloads list
added feature to move selected articles to top
added option to not save bad decodes
more options interface improvements

11/01/97 - Version 1.0.138

added slider to set max allowed pending downloads before asp stops scan and downloads
improved options interface
more improvements in UUdecode routines

10/30/97 - Version 1.0.130

fixed bug in UUdecode routine

10/29/97 - Version 1.0.128

'Prowl Groups' option removed, group totals are now automatically updated during the scan

10/28/97 - Version 1.0.127

low-level TCP communications rewrite
AUTHINFO server authentication support
explanation message if you press 'dl now' if there is nothing to dl
recursive adding of sub folders to dupe folders list
fix for incorrect group article totals
fix for invalid article number problem
added ability to minimize options window
increased log to show last 100 (was 50) lines

10/26/97 - Version 1.0.111

Invalid default MAX_LINES value fixed.
Added automatic WJT JPEG testing
Fix for 'close Login menu by control box' bug

10/22/97 - Version 1.0.108

Small error in setup fixed

10/21/97 - Version 1.0.107

Initial Public Release

Version Controlled by TLIB