NewsShark Addons and Extras

NewsShark Speech Pack v2, see readme.txt in nssp02.zip (1.9MB)

NewsShark Speech Pack v1, see readme.txt in nssp01.zip (1.8MB)
(not complete, but different voice)

Make your own SharkSkin, see readme.txt in default_skin.zip (3KB)

A great custom Sharkskin Icon set by Dracko!
(see SharkSkin kit for how to install)

RedRon's Color SharkSkin v1.0, replaces the default icons with colored dots & smiles, Forté Agent Style (6KB)

RedRon's NewsShark Addons v1.0 Sounds and icons, (1.1MB)

A great batch icon replacement contributed by Mister Beefy!
(see SharkSkin kit for how to install)

UUDeview Decoder stand-alone version

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