Version History

2.0 release!

+more reliability improvements

+fixed errors related to posting of files with > 32000 parts

+fixed errors 6 and 9 that some users reported

2.0 b16

+various reliability improvements

+fixed yenc errors related to muiltipart posts with >1M parts

+fixed yenc decoder error ('overflow')

2.0 b15

+view parts shows whether part is downloaded/cached

+view parts double-click to download downloads to cache folder

+fixed errors related to yEnc with 0/ files and other various yenc errors

+fixed yenc decoder error messages not echoed to processed view

2.0 b14

+fixes for yEnc issues on some systems

2.0 b12

+yEnc support!

+adjustable 'last read' in newsgroup/options

2.0 b11

+fixed: selection problems when choose group / toggle filter + show new only

+fixed: when items come out of batch, if viewing originating group they go back in view as a blank item

+fixed: causes for several error 9's

+fixed: startup screen text cut off

+changed: no msg box on find, instead report into cap2

+added: kill filter - integrated into old watch list, new watch list is also improved

+added: 'kill filter poster' on right click on header automatically create filter

+added: minimize to system tray (see option on new program tab of options)

2.0 b10

+fix for new POWER-POST 2000 [x/x] format

+removed wait screen during batch saves

2.0 b9

+upgraded runtimes (vb6)

+ads and ad software removed, converted to trial version

+number of articles razor in host newsgroup search

2.0 b7

+display number of files in batch

+show free space in GB

+confirm on sort batch

+if too many items in batch, show progress bar on save/load

+if too many items in batch, show progress bar on large add operation

+fix for error 9 during various operations?

+security upgrade: when launching partial file preview, if file is not an allowed type, user is shown filename and asked to confirm launch. Allowed file types are: ".mpg", ".mpeg", ".jpg", ".jpeg", ".nfo", ".txt", ".mp3", ".wmf", ".asf", ".sfv", ".wav", ".csv" (suggestions for other file types which should be allowed appreciated)

2.0 b6

+life% is now saved from session to session

2.0 b5

+fixed: Headers view was updated after every batch item, not just items in the current header view. (also better window updates)

+added: select all to right button menu in batch view

+fixed: life and date swapped when update during scan?

+added: auto-expire removal of batch items logged

+fixed: items put in batch backwards

2.0 b4

+fixed: batch adding too slow (was auto-saving too much!)

+fixed: batch removing too slow (was auto-saving too much!)

+fixed: putting items in batch does not refresh the display if the "items in batch" button is switched off

+fixed: removing items from batch does not refresh the display

+fixed: When headers are found you can keep adding them to batch

+fixed: watch list adding blank items to batch

+fixed: deleted newsgroups not saved

+fixed: toggled newsgroups not saved

2.0 b2

+fix for incorrect items display

2.0 b1

+all new header handling system!
Headers are now stored in the file(s) 'headers.nsb' which will be located in your cache folder for each group. 'npending.dat' is obsolete. You must reset and re-scan all groups with this new version (sorry, conversion not supported). Because each group is treated seperately during scanning now, one feature that is lost is crosspost-combine, however this can possibly be rewritten as a 'incomplete file missing part finder'.

+all new Find

+new icons now show items with more than 80% life.

+save headers button appears only when user changes (deletions) made, headers are auto-saved frequently

+refresh button takes the place of constant screen updates; you control when your view is updated, the refresh button will appear during a scan to let you know there are new items to view in the group you are looking at.

+life added to view parts, for each part

+compression of message-ids

+swap columns for life and date in header and batch views

+'Select All' added to header window popup menu

# # #

1.1.6 (release)

+fixed yenc decoder error ('overflow')

1.1.5 (release)

+fixed errors related to yEnc with 0/ files and other various yenc errors

+fixed yenc decoder error messages not echoed to processed view

1.1.4 (release)

+fixes for yEnc issues on some systems

1.1.2 (release)

+yEnc Support!

1.1.1 (release)

+upgraded runtimes

+ads and ad software removed, converted to trial version

+security upgrade: when launching partial file preview, if file is not an allowed type, user is shown filename and asked to confirm launch. Allowed file types are: ".mpg", ".mpeg", ".jpg", ".jpeg", ".nfo", ".txt", ".mp3", ".wmf", ".asf", ".sfv", ".wav", ".csv" (suggestions for other file types which should be allowed appreciated)

1.0.486 (released as 1.1)

+fixed: When move a message up or down the life is cleared


+fixed: Article Life incorrect in find results


+added: Article Life shown in percent

+added: option to automatically save headers on exit without prompt

+fixed: When the processed list is empty and you double click on it, Newshark generate a bug and crash

+fixed: If you search for headers, and only some headers are found, then, if you delete some of them, all of the headers will disappear from the screen.

+added: better error checking for auto-expire routine


+encryption of user password -- your old password will be automatically encrypted too

+remove all header for the batch too, if NS deletes a Newsgroup


+fix for error related to INN and other scanning problems

+fixed: after you sort the batch by any of the column, NS won't realize the change, and will ask you: "There was no change, really save the headers?". And, of course ther was change in the headers ORDERing.

+fixed: After I delete my headers I manually save the headers. The button clicks but nothing happens. I exit NS and THEN it asks me to save the headers


+fixed dropped characters in host group list download

+fixed unread articles after error


+fix for errors in 459

+reduced memory usage


+fixed 'GetHashInd invalid procedure' error in 458


+fixed error when group not found

+fixed problem where incorrect batch icon would be shown in 32 or 24-bit color mode

+improved crunching


+improved scanning/crunching


+Informative Header (from wish list) -- when minimized, NS will show 'install folder name [server name] current active message'

+added 'match case' search option


+fix for false unrecreatable missing cache/download folders


+another fix for error 14 during group download

+minor improvements to setup assistant

+added more checking of cache and dl paths at startup, if unrecoverable (like if the drive is not there anymore) user is prompted to select new location


+fix for error 14 during group download

+minor changes to host group search window


+reduced proccessor usage during scans


+added additional filename filtering to prevent underscores around downloaded filenames

+fixed: If you delete files, the view filter won't upgrade, but it shows the number of files for the first time.

+added command line options '/SCAN' and '/DOWNLOAD'


+do not reset 'new' flags on forced rescan if option chosen to reset each scan

+allow batch sort

+added 'move to bottom' in batch


+added display for number of visible items in headers list

+added more error protection

1.0.393 (release)

+added tests for corrupt data, which will trigger a restart


+added detection/substitution of multiple sets of '( )' parens which cause uudeview to become confused, they are now replaced with '[ ]' brackets


+fixed some errors in article parts detection

+fixed error which caused some duplicated parts

+minor download/restart impovements and added more corrupt-proofing for uue saves


+reverted back to the old method of combining duplicate postings from different newsgroups


+fixed: error which caused duplicated parts


+fixed: error in uue save in some situations


+fixed: out of memory errors when viewing text


+fixed: items not always resetting number of parts during expired item re-use


+fixes for error encountered with Typhoon 1.1.8 (server delivering empty articles)


+re-use of memory used by expired headers

+removed the combination of parts from different groups, resulting in increased speed and decreased memory usage

+improved header compression


+fixed; 0001.txt files which contained only '220 xxx...'


+fixed false detection of complete items in some situations

+added option to use old rename style (filename.zip.2)


+added from wish list: Duplicate file extensions Please don't use extension .2,.3 for duplicate files. (format is now 'filename.2.zip', 'filename.3.zip')

+fixed: 'NS will reload the last read header (articlenumber) if there are any new headers.' (thanks SEK!)

+changed all header speed readouts to HPS

+changed displayed save times back to seconds

+possible fix for errors during header loading


+increased resolution of timing saves and crunches


+added full-row style selection

+fixed free space indicator problem with drives larger than 2GB (special thanks to Ron Dionne for help with this)


+fixed several connection/restart problems


+fixed resurfaced problem with 'Auto-Delete Downloaded Items'


+fixed error in 336


+added: ability to copy subject text on the Processed Tab like on the Headers and Batch tabs

+added: Items indicator to main view

+added: Option to disable stats (HDD/RAM info) on main window

+improved memory usage/reuse (esp during long-uptime)

+improved stop during scan


+added: ability to copy subject to clipboard (click on an item when it has focus)

+fixed: free hdd indicator maxing at 2,048MB (maybe)

1.0.325 (release)

+fixed: 400-level errors (also 503) were still not recognized in preview and text viewer.


+fix for error in refresh during 'auto-delete downloaded'

+show the sender/newsgroup information in the batch


+more memory usage improvements


+more memory consumption improvements (thanks to Palmer for tips)


+reduced memory consumption

+improved parsing of date and from fields

+fixed error in parsing of from field

+changed 'Save bad decodes' back like it used to be.


+option to reset 'new' flags on each scan

+button to reset 'new' flags now

+auto-expire now removes expired items from batch

+auto-expire now removes cache items when related headers have expired


+decoder error (with mime/base64) fixed?

+option changed: 'save bad decodes' is now 'Always save uucode', bad decodes are always saved now, with this option on, good decodes (or rather decodes that NS thinks are successful are saved also)

+sometimes filenames were 'NULL', that has been fixed, they will now be a modified form of the subject

+added line to stats for free space on cache drive


+fixed false detection of some 1/1 files as multiparts


+fix for article request errors on Diablo news server software

+Toggle newsgroup on/off by doubleclicking


+fixed: Delete a newsgroup - look in the pull-down list and look - it's stil there! (thanks James Green)

+fixed: detection of error 400 was missing in batch download procedure

+added 400 to 'allow restart on critical server errors (renamed from 'level 500 errors')


+added detection of 501 and 503 errors

+new option to ignore level 500 nntp errors


+new keyboard shortcuts (headers view): CTRL-B to add to batch, CTRL-F to find, CTRL-V to view text, CTRL-P to view parts, CTRL-R to do a partial preview

+timeouts (server not responding) now logged


+minor changes to view parts window

+fix for hanging 'Launching partial file preview...'

+fixed error where some subjects were chopped: 'file [3 of'


+MP3 Preview feature enhanced to 'Partial File Preview' feature, can operate on any filetype.

+'Preview' added to right button menu (headers window)

+double-click on .MPG file for partial preview

+fixed title display error in partial preview

1.0.281 (release)

+fixed: failure to obey watchlist enable/disable option in some situations

+fixed: incorrect article requests which caused strange errors in the downloading of single uue files by double-clicking in the parts view


+bug fixed: Minimize NS to the taskbar and then rightclick on the taskbar entry. Select close from the menu and the Save Headers dilog box is displayed but you can't select any of the buttons and therefore can't close NS down! (thanks to Phil Whittingham for spotting this one)


+will now request downloads via # if message-id method fails


+changed to message-id based article selection (beware your saved headers cannot be converted this time)

+fixed bug: drive not set correctly on path change window in options


+fixed: viewing one group while a different group is being scanned, the one I'm viewing resets itself even though items are NOT being added to it. (thanks to Mike Bryant for spotting this)

+npending.dat no longer removed when you don't select 'save headers' on exit


+user defined cache folder


+fix for crash during available space check on NTFS partitions


+Cntrl-A selects all in header view


+fixed bug (NFO viewer was broken in 262)


+all file parts now cached only to disk, can cache between sessions

+corrected error in mp3 preview part 1/xx selection

+rename duplicate file if already exists


+added some system stats on main screen (experimental)

+part number shown during download and in log


+improved batch download routine, should fix download sequence bugs reported in 249


+added option: Save Headers after Scan


+auto resize of group zoom drop down box


+fixed bug: duplicates allowed in batch

+improved decoder error messages


+fixed bug (crash when double click in empty headers window)

+added right button menu to headers view and batch view

1.0.245 (release)

+a bug with installing on NT5 (beta) fixed, requiring this new release


+watch list button moved to main screen

+added a checkbox to 'enable watchlist' (see options)

+fixed problem with 0/12 articles If 12/12 only is missing

+max burst size increased to 3000

+fixed problem with batch DL stopping caused by some decode errors

+added ETA and time remaining for current file and entire batch


+Double-clicking a part in the View Parts window now downloads that part as .UUE

1.0.236 (release)

+NFO viewer auto-converts from unix format text when needed

+other minor nfo viewer enhancements


+double click views text on .nfo, .txt, and .diz (suggestions for more types welcome)


+new NFO preview / automatic 'view text' decode feature

+better error handling around log file writes

+fix for date blank-out when moving items around in the batch


+fix for space in .UUE filenames


+fix for memory problem in 226 and 227 on some machines


+fix for incorrect kbps rate bug in 226


+a little more optimization for performance


+fix for bogus err(s) 'maketree 13'

+fixed delete group failure to toggle need for header save


+option to auto-delete downloaded items (default=on, see download tab of options)

+added ability to launch decoded file from proccessed view

+fixed failure to decode multiple files in one attachment (untested)


+added 'watch list' (see button on batch view) auto-selects items for downloading

+del key now removes items in proccessed view

+date column added to batch view


+more small speed and memory usage improvements

+added 'clear' and 'clear all' to proccessed files view

+new option (scan tab): 'Aggressive Header Crunching'


+fixed bug: group toggle state improperly saved.

+fixed bug: only 2 parts of multi-part articles showing up sometimes

+fixed small bug: in header parsing


+Lots of optimization; NS should be faster and use less memory.


+added icon type for items in batch

+fixed batch save error

+user customizeable icons, see readme.txt in default_skin.zip

+new 'processed' files view, shows results of downloaded files

+when closing version 151, we are asked if we want to save headers, this is not in 171, please reinstate.


+New 'Setup Assistant', kind of like a wizard to help with first time setup.


+fix for 'control array element not found' error during first-time setup


+fixed incorrect saved batch size

+improved header save/load (will auto-convert to new format)


+now saves batch download order


+added support for issuing 'MODE READER' command to server (similar to SLAVE command)

+added 'move to top' command to batch and newsgroup views

+move up/down now moves multiple items (batch and newsgroup views)

1.0.171 (release)

+minor fixes to mp3 preview feature

+updated help file


+when double click when not on mp3 show view parts

+look for part 01/ on mp3 preview

+improved header parsing speed

+trim From and Date fields


+feature to open the logfile that is saved on disk from the log window

+mp3 preview feature gets stuck at the authinfo password

+When I add new NewsGroups via the options dialog and then do a rescan, those new groups don't appear in the group zoom combo box control.

+find results are added to the list without clearing the previous results.

+Save the column positions for the Headers and Batch lists.


+only save 'last read' positions when headers are saved (or on exit)

+show # of headers on delete all

+added restore button

+more header save/load speed improvements

+more cosmetic changes


+fixed delete all headers yes/no has extra space in it

+changed parts field in batch view to show just one digit

+added view by group dropdown list

+some cosmetic changes

+improved header save/load speed (again)

+added command to save headers now ('save' button)

+added auto-expire report if it expired anything (in log)

+added preview MP3 feature -- (double click on an mp3 to dl/decode/play 1rst segment)

+changed filename used for MP3 preview

1.0.151 (release)

+on exit save headers yes/no/cancel

+automatic expire by article number

+fixed error in save/load of incomplete article toggle button status

+'loading into decoder' error in text formatting

+improved header save/load speed

+batch size error when load saved batch

+if you hit delete when no headers are selected, NS will ask if it should delete all headers

+add a "date / time" column

+label subject field in more views

+find in deleted items wrongly marks all deleted items undeleted

+ The d/l speed is displayed as kbps (bits), when in fact the number shown is the rate in kBps (bytes).

+ Add a column with the sender's name

+ toggles on main view for icon types

+ label subject field in views

1.0.144 (release)

+ minor fixes

1.0.132 (release)

+ initial public release

Remember to send your suggestions, comments and questions.